Safe at Home: Repairs for Disabled Veterans

Safe at Home: Home Repairs for Veterans

Rebuild Upstate has repaired more than 133 homes for low-income veterans.

That number is about to grow, thanks to a $150,000 grant award that will repair homes for 15+ low-income, disabled veterans.

We need your help. To fulfill our grant obligations, it will take an additional $105,000 investment in resources.

Your donation to our Safe at Home Fund is a powerful way to help us keep low-income, disabled veterans safe in their homes. Make it monthly so we can count on your support for the duration of the grant period.

They changed my life 100%. We didn’t know what we were going to do. We feel safer going into the bathroom and not worrying about the floor or roof falling through. The kids love their bathtub. Their favorite thing is to take baths, something we couldn’t do before repairs.”

          – Bruce Fisher, 2021 Homeowner and eight-year US Army National Guard veteran

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About the Program

VHRMP (Veteran Home Repair & Modification Pilot program) grant program is federal funding through the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Funds can be used to repair or modify homes for low-income veterans with disabilities. We are a subrecipient of these funds through the Coalition for Home Repair.

We anticipate volunteer opportunities for these repairs will be primarily for skilled volunteers. You can always contact us with group interest and we will place groups with a veteran as able.

We welcome donations of material or skilled labor. Donations such as roofing materials and/or installation would fill an important program need. The next step to donate materials or skilled labor is a conversation with our team.

This is a 3-year grant program. We hope to complete repairs as quickly as we are able. We will continue to serve low-income veterans after the grant period ends.

Complete an application for assistance or call our help-line at 864.643.5711.

As a federal funding opportunity, we pledged to match and leverage the funds with additional community resources. We’re thankful for community members, businesses, and donors who we can count to help us fulfill our investment requirements.

We welcome conversations with any person, business, or church who wants to learn more. Complete this inquiry form and someone on our team will be in touch.

If your business, church, or family has a foundation, we welcome the opportunity to apply for funding towards our Safe at Home fund. Contact Dayle Stewart ([email protected]) to discuss your philanthropic goals and how an investment with Rebuild Upstate can help you meet them.

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