Accessibility Modifications for a U.S. Army Veteran

Mr. L isn’t afraid of hard work. He’s a U.S. Army combat Veteran. He fought in Vietnam. Mr. L was drafted a year after high school. In Vietnam he worked on generators and mechanical parts of vehicles. The experience propelled him into his post-service career as an auto body mechanic, a career he maintained for 40 years.

Like most homeowners, he knows hard work comes with the privilege of homeownership. He’s done his share of repairs and updates around the house. This is the home where he raised three children. They rode their bikes in the front drive. He hopes to stay in this home as long as he can.

About a year ago, Mr. L experienced a stroke. Mr. L needed various safety modifications such as ramp and grab bars to help him keep his balance. “The ramp is easy to use especially when losing your balance… I don’t think I could’ve done without the ramp.”

The volunteers left a positive mark on Mr. L. He thinks Rebuild Upstate is “One of the best organizations. They’re so friendly. You can’t beat the people.” After experiencing the impact of our program, Mr. L plans to share about the opportunity with other local veterans. He knows there is a great need among his peers. A need we’re one step closer to meeting, thanks to a recent grant, Rebuild Upstate plans to invest $150,000 in repairs for veterans in 2023-2025.

At Rebuild Upstate, It is an honor to serve those who have served. It is our duty to keep our veteran neighbors safe. You can help us by letting us know of a veteran in need of home repairs. Complete an application on their behalf here.

We are ready to get to work.

First, we must honor our commitment and make the most of this grant award by fulfilling a match to the tune of $105,000.

You can help us reach this goal. How?

Donate to our Safe At Home Fund. We set up this fund specifically to support our veteran neighbors with their home repair needs. With a gift now, you can take advantage of this matching opportunity we’ve been awarded and stretch your gift even further in support of veterans.

This Veterans Day, you have the opportunity to serve an upstate veteran directly with a donation that says, “thank you” and provides the safety, dignity, and comfort they deserve.