Our Process

Assessing Homeowner Eligibility

Homeowners must meet the following requirements in order to get help from Rebuild Upstate

  1. The home must be located in Anderson, Greenville, Oconee, or Pickens Counties.
  2. There must be no illegal drug use or evidence of illegal drug use in the home.
  3. The total household income typically cannot be above 100% of the area median income (see HUD guidelines) and/or 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.
  4. The necessary repairs must fall within the services we can provide and within the funding we can invest. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

If a homeowner meets all of the eligibility requirements above, he or she may apply to get help from Rebuild Upstate. A referring agency may also fill out an application on a homeowner’s behalf.

How We Identify Homeowners to Help

The team at Rebuild Upstate takes our selection process very seriously. We work hard to make sure the process is fair for everyone.

We do not prioritize based on influence within our organization, staff, or board. We also don’t prioritize based on recommendations or requests from others, nor do we operate on a first come, first served basis.

Instead, Rebuild Upstate is committed to serving the people with the greatest level of need. Once we receive an application, we evaluate based on the following criteria:

Home Demographics

Are there children living in the home? Are there individuals with disabilities? Are there seniors present (age 60 and older)? How does the total household income compare to the area median income (AMI)?

Funding Availability

Rebuild Upstate has limited funding and much of our funding has specific rules that must be met. These rules include income, types of repairs needed, and where a home is located (both county and municipalities).

Homeowner Engagement

This includes participation in programs that can improve the homeowner’s ability to maintain the home and the homeowner’s (or relatives’ or friends’) willingness to help with the repairs at the home.

Volunteer Availability

There are a limited number of volunteers serving with Rebuild Upstate to make home repairs. As we have more volunteers, we can serve more people. Learn more about how you can help us serve more people!

We Don’t Just Fix Homes—We Change Lives

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