Get Help with Home Repairs

Live Safely and Comfortably in Your Own Home

If you own a home in Anderson, Greenville, Pickens, or Oconee County and need repairs but are not physically able or cannot afford it, Rebuild Upstate may be able to help.

Rebuild Upstate Can Help With:

electrical green
Floor Repair & Replacement
Mold Removal
Ramp Installation
Standing Shower Installation
Stair Repair & Replacement

How It Works

The Application Process

Apply for Help — For Yourself or Someone You Know

We bring the supplies, tools, and volunteers. All you need to do is follow the steps below. If you are not the homeowner but know someone who needs help, you can also fill out the application for them by following the same steps.

Check Our Requirements
  • You must own your own home in Anderson, Greenville, Pickens, or Oconee County.
    Rebuild Upstate can only work with homes in these counties. Not sure which county you live in? Check your taxes. The county you pay taxes to is the county you live in.
  • You must report all incomes and ages of everyone living in the home.
    This helps us understand your level of need.
  • A sex offender cannot be living in the home or be a frequent guest in the home. 
    This upholds the safety of our volunteers and is a requirement of several funding partners.
  • There cannot be any illegal activity in the home.
    If we find any evidence of illegal drug use or any other illegal activity, we won’t be able to do the repairs.
Fill Out the Application

If you meet the requirements listed above, you can apply for assistance by applying online or calling. Please note that applying online is the fastest way to be considered; volunteers staff our helpline and it may take several weeks to have your application processed via phone call.

If you are unable to apply online, you may download this application and mail it to PO Box 8693 Greenville, SC 29604. Call the helpline at 864-643-5711 to request a paper application.

Wait as We Look at Your Application

We do not operate on a first come, first served basis. Instead, we try our best to help homeowners with the most need.

Once we get your application, we will review it and decide where you fall on a priority list. Some things we look at are:

  • Who lives in the home? Are there children, people with disabilities, or seniors?
  • Does your income have a big impact on your ability to afford home repairs?

We also have to look at how many volunteers we have and if there is enough funding for the project.

Once we finish looking at your application, we put you on our waiting list for home repairs. You stay on this list until we can do the repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know it can be hard, but please try to wait patiently for us to reach out to you.

Please do not contact us to find out if we’ve seen your application. Calling or emailing us to ask these things will slow down the process for you and other people in need. After you fill out an application, please only contact Rebuild Upstate if there is a change in your information (income, number of people in your home, phone number, etc.).

It depends. Some homes are repaired within months. Other homes may have to wait years to be helped or might not ever get help. We work really hard to help as many people as we can each year. Like many organizations, our resources are limited and we regret that we cannot serve all homes that have a need.

Please note that Rebuild Upstate will not share information about any home’s status on our waiting list.

Unfortunately, we cannot help unless the home is located in one of the above counties. Please seek alternatives such as calling 2-1-1 (a national help line for connecting people to human and social services including housing assistance).

Ready to Apply For Help?

Fill out our online application or call our helpline to start the process. If you’ve already applied, please wait to hear from our team for more information.