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Each Home is as Unique as the Family Inside

Rebuild Upstate’s approach to affordable housing differs slightly from other affordable housing organizations, in that we don’t offer total new home construction or provide affordable rental housing. Instead, we focus solely on home preservation and repair as means to keep residents in their own homes.

When we understand the needs of the people inside a home, we gain a better insight to the repairs that will help them the most. Whether we’re addressing safe entry and exit by building a new wheelchair ramp or ensuring that a family is healthy and dry under a new roof, our goal with every home repair is to make sure the residents may remain comfortably in place for years to come.

Types of Repair Projects

Electrical Updates
Floor Repair & Replacement
Mold Removal
Ramp Installation
Standing Shower Installation
Stair Repair & Replacement
Affordable Housing is a Complex Issue

We Can’t Tackle it Alone

While we’re committed to creating safe and healthy homes to address the root of the affordable housing issue, the reality of it is so much greater than that.

There are various symptoms of poor housing conditions that must be addressed to ensure that the people affected are living their full potential. For example, substandard housing has been associated with poor physical health, subpar school readiness in children, and mental health issues. In addition, poverty is a cycle—that is, there are large, interconnected systems that can support or inhibit a family’s ability to improve their financial situation.

That’s why Rebuild Upstate takes a holistic approach to affordable housing. We partner with other fantastic community organizations to help address the symptoms of subpar housing and empower individuals to break the cycle of poverty.

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