Volunteer in Anderson County with RSVP

Did you know Rebuild Upstate is a recipient of the RSVP SeniorCorps Program Grant? Through the grant, we were able to grow our team. Ryan Hulon is the community engagement specialist for Anderson County. He manages the grant and helps us meet our grant requirements. 

We put together a Q&A with Ryan to show how you can help!

Did you know an RSVP volunteer can earn our program $1,000?

That’s right. This multi-year grant is transformative for our program. It’s the easiest $1,000 you can earn us. We’re coming on our third year anniversary of earning this grant and implementing it in Anderson County.

The AmeriCorps RSVP grant allows us a unique opportunity to encourage individuals over the age of 55 to volunteer in Anderson County. Every time a new older adult volunteer serves in Anderson County, Rebuild Upstate receives $1,000 that will go toward the cost of projects and increasing our profile in the county. In addition, new senior volunteers will receive a free meal, be eligible for mileage reimbursement and supplemental accident insurance.

What is the AmeriCorps Senior RSVP program?

The AmeriCorps Seniors RSVP program provides grants to organizations with a dual purpose: to engage Americans 55 years and older in volunteer service to meet critical community needs, and to provide a high-quality experience for the volunteers.

How is Rebuild Upstate using this grant?

We requested the grant to recruit, train, and host volunteers to repair homes in Anderson County. Volunteers don’t need to live in Anderson to become an RSVP volunteer. In fact, volunteering doesn’t look much different from our standard build day. Often, volunteers aged 55+ are serving alongside other aged volunteers.

How does my volunteering earn you $1,000?!

If you’re 55 or older, all you need to do is show up to serve joyfully on a build day in Anderson County. We’ll be eligible to receive $1,000 for your service. We handle administrative work and report metrics back to AmeriCorps on a recurring basis. Funds are distributed back to us by AmeriCorps and re-invested into our program. Individuals can earn us this revenue once per year throughout our grant term. Our next grant term starts in April 2023. 

What perks are available for an RSVP volunteer?

In addition to helping a neighbor? What more do you need? Volunteers actually do get extra perks like a gift card for lunch and being eligible for gas reimbursement to and from the build day.

Do you need more volunteers?

Yes. We need you! Grab your men’s group, your women’s circle, or your closest friends to help you volunteer. We don’t want to leave a single dollar on the table for our program. One of the most helpful things you can do today is pledge to volunteer this year.

Do you need skills to be an RSVP volunteer?

No home repair skills are needed to be an RSVP volunteer. Anyone who wants to serve joyfully is welcome and encouraged to help.

I’m 55+! I want to help. How can I get plugged in?

Fill out this interest form. 

Ready? Let us know you’re interested today.