Virtual Visit: The Ultimate Before and After

Let’s go on a virtual home visit. In this blog post, we’ll use a combination of before and after photos along with a narrative to demonstrate repairs and their impact.

About the Family

The house we’re “visiting” today is in Greenville. It needs to keep 3 people safe, including two older adults, one of whom is disabled. The household’s yearly income is just under $26,000. This puts them at 37% of local Area Median Income, considered Very Low Income, making investing in repairs on their down difficult when other essentials are competing for limited dollars. 

The homeowner has lived in the home for over 50 years. She loves and values the community she has with neighbors and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

About the Home

The 988 square foot home was built in 1930. The home will turn 100 years old in just a few years. After 93 years in a changing community, the mill village home wasn’t as safe and secure as it once was. In alignment with the times, the home was positive for lead paint. The home was tested and remediated before repairs began.

Repair Overview

When we first assessed the home, the HVAC hadn’t worked in two years. Additionally, substantial plumbing leaks caused rotted subfloor in multiple rooms, including the kitchen and bathroom. Energy-efficient replacement windows were installed. Modifications were made to the bathroom to remove a tub and install a low, step-in entry shower. Repair costs were leveraged with a $2,661 value in donated volunteer labor so we can maximize direct costs and make repair dollars go further.


A note from our team:

We’re proud this home is safer for its family. The number of repairs at this home well exceeded our average of 4.9 repairs per home. In the case of this home and the criteria of the household, we were able to secure and allocate financial resources for these repairs. Not all homeowners qualify for, or have access to, the same level of funding. Not all homeowners need that level of funding. In this case, our team is proud we were able to accomplish what we did and grateful to funding partners and volunteers who provide resources to make repairs possible.

Donations to the Annual Fund allow our staff to discern where help is needed most. You can make a donation to the Annual Fund to make repairs possible for more homeowners. Give today.