The Impact of Your Donations

The Impact of Your Donations

Your donations make a difference. This year, your donations came when someone needed them most. 

Headlines from 2023:
  • Rebuild Upstate was named Nonprofit of the Year by SC Biz Report.
  • Ashley Weekly, homeowner services coordinator, was named Site Supervisor of the Year by the AmeriCorps Upstate program.
  • You bridged the gap! More than 100 donors stepped up to give $174,149.91 in support of our home repair program when faced with a gap in funding.
Here is what you helped accomplish:
Program Operations

Donations fund trucks, tools, volunteer registration software, and staff time to implement our home repair program.

It takes more than just lumber to make our program possible. We stock tool trailers for volunteers, trucks to haul construction debris and deliver trailers, and invest in staff trained to perform detailed home assessments. Our staff also works alongside volunteers who inventory stock and prep trailers for future groups.

Grant Support

Thanks to donations, our team had peace of mind, knowing that the community was committed to meeting the needs of our homeowners and the needs of the organization. Your donations allow us to prioritize pursuing advantageous grant opportunities from private and public foundations. Here are some highlights of grants and partnerships awarded in 2023:

  • Bon Secours, $50,000 to modify homes to help older adults age in place
  • $50,000 from the Bank of America Neighborhood Champions Award
  • Partnership with the City of Anderson for home repair funds
  • $150,000 from the Anderson County HOME Consortium
  • $40,000 from Grace & Peace Presbyterian Church
  • $390,000 from SC Council on Aging to help older adults age in place
  • $150,000 from the South Carolina Association of Community and Economic Development 
Expanding Donor Services

We’ve expanded giving options to make it easier for donors to give the best way for them. 

  • Donor Advised Fund holders hosted through Fidelity Charitable, Schwab Charitable, or BNY Mellon Charitable, can request a donation to Rebuild Upstate directly through our website. You can learn more here. 
  • We now accept gifts of stock.
  • As a certified Community Development Corporation, we are eligible to work with donors to earn additional state tax credits when the opportunity is available. 

We’re grateful to have the opportunity to offer services back to donors. Pursuing and managing these services takes time and administrative support. You have many wonderful organizations to choose to give to – we’re grateful you choose us. 

Case Management

Did you know a case management visit isn’t just offered to home repair program participants? It’s also offered to some homeowners who don’t meet our criteria for repairs but who still need assistance. Our team makes referrals and recommendations for budget training, weatherization tips, bill pay assistance, and more. If someone asks us for help, we’ll do everything to help them get it. Even if that means help doesn’t come from us.

Building a Porch Partner Community

In the past year, the amount of donations from Porch Partners has increased by 120%. Porch Partners are donors who give on a recurring basis, most often, monthly. Their support provides our staff with the knowledge donations are coming so we can plan ahead and make promises to homeowners we know we can keep. To thank Porch Partners for their support, they get perks like exclusive monthly emails and the occasional small gift.


In short, a lot has changed this year. Thanks to our donors, we’ve seen a lot of positive change that will benefit our program long term.

You have so many deserving organizations to choose from when deciding where to give. We’re grateful you choose us. 

We’re still in this. We know you are behind us every step of the way.

Thank you.