Creating Change

One Life at a Time

While affordable housing is often looked at on a very large scale, the issue is perhaps best understood in terms of individual lives changed. Because even though our goal is to create strong, sustainable communities across the board, we have to start small. One person at a time. One life at a time.

Explore the impact that Rebuild Upstate has had over the years by reading about some of our homeowners’ and volunteers’ experiences.

Ms. Paulette’s Story

Ms. Paulette isn’t one to sit back and watch things get worse. When her 50-year-old home needed critical repairs, this Upstate native reached out for support. Her windows were losing heat and her floors and bathroom were a tripping hazard. Rebuild Upstate worked with Ms. Paulette and local volunteers to…

Who Will Answer the Call?

Rebuild Upstate receives around 1,500 calls to our helpline every year. This video gives a little insight into what those calls are like, and just how much our neighbors need our help.

Ms. Tabitha’s Story

Before volunteers performed repairs on her home, Ms. Tabitha and her children were on their way to being homeless. She couldn’t even turn on a light switch or flush her toilets. Rebuild Upstate helped her in her time of need, even when she had nowhere else to turn.

Serving Together

Projects in a Box are usually requested for 8 to 10 employees. NAI Earle Furman requested a Project in a Box…

Called to Think

Volunteer Spotlight: Jonathan Parker Onboarding new volunteers takes fighting our culture of chronic busyness. So how do we find our…

Floor Repairs & More for Viola

Viola has dementia, arthritis, and diabetes. She fell not too long ago and had to go to the emergency room.…

Mrs. Blakely’s New Roof

Mrs. Blakely is 68 years old. She had a leaky roof for quite a while. Her son tried to patch…

Laila’s New Ramp

Laila is a little girl from China who was adopted by Upstate couple Joslynn and Jason McLaughlin. Laila has a…