Rebuild Upstate receives National Award in Partnership with Homeowners

Rebuild Upstate receives National Award in Partnership with Homeowners

GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Coalition for Home Repair, the national coalition for volunteer-based home repair organizations in the United States, recently honored Rebuild Upstate with its fifth Best Practices Award in the past nine years. 

The 2022 Best Practices in Partnership with Homeowners Award was presented to Rebuild Upstate for developing a prioritization process that ensures those with the greatest need are being helped with the available resources and for their partnership with United Way of Greenville County’s AmeriCorps program, which provides a resource navigator to help identify additional community resources available to the families. The award was presented at the 2022 ReFrame Conference in front of 100+ peers from across the nation.

Rebuild Upstate has been engaged with the Coalition for Home Repair since its first gathering ten years ago. The Coalition for Home Repair was created to provide resources and community to nonprofits providing home repair and home improvements. When the coalition was founded as an association in 2013, Rebuild Upstate was one of nine charter members.

“This award is a huge honor and achievement for Rebuild Upstate.” said Jake Beaty, Rebuild Upstate’s President/CEO “We strive to serve our homeowners to the fullest extent possible. That means applying best practices learned from peers and, when needed, helping establish those best practices so other home repair organizations can replicate something that already works.” 


About Rebuild Upstate:

Rebuild Upstate is a nonprofit organization serving the Upstate of South Carolina. The nonprofit strengthens the communities by providing volunteers and materials to create a safe, healthy, sustainable home environment for disabled, low-income and elderly homeowners. The organization exclusively focuses on repairs and improving existing homes. The nonprofit is also the reigning Chamber Max Heller award recipient. Learn more at