Porch Partners: Another Way to Give

A porch is a southern staple. 

For many, a porch is a symbol of community. It’s a neighborly wave, a meal delivered, or enjoying a glass of that southern sweet tea with a friend. For us, a porch means so much more. Before a porch can symbolize community, it needs to provide safety. A porch needs to be a safe way in and out of the home. It needs to be a place where caretakers can come inside. It needs to not collapse from under you when you go to get the mail.

One community, in particular, deserves its moment for their commitment to our organizational stability. That community is the Rebuild Upstate Porch Partners.

Porch Partners is a new name for an old group of friends, the steadfast champions who choose to make a monthly donation.

Porch Partner support provides our organization with safety and stability month to month. It allows us to plan repairs for the future because we know we can count on donations that are coming to us down the line. It means we can make a promise to a homeowner we know we can keep. 

It takes less than two minutes to become a Porch Partner today.

Check out some FAQ’s about our Porch Partner Program:

Why are monthly donations helpful?

Just like you, our team navigated some uncertainty this year. Monthly donations provide stability. They allow our team to plan ahead so we can invest in repairs, projects, and new initiatives. When we know a donation is on the way, it helps us promise repairs at the time we’re reviewing all repairs for a home, rather than adding it on later.

Where do I sign-up?

Click this link to join.  This link is unique to our Porch Partner program and ensures you have the most control over your monthly donation.

How does being a Porch Partner work?

As a monthly donor, you choose an amount to give and it’s automatically donated each month. You maintain control of your donations through a donor account, which lets you update an amount, turn them off, update credit card info, skip a month, or more.

Am I charged all at once? How does billing work?

Let’s say you choose to donate $10 a month. Each month on the date you choose, your card is charged $10. After 12 months, you’ve given $120 total. You are not charged 12 months of donations at once. You can also choose the day of the month your donation is made. 

Am I committing to a full 12-months of donating?

If you opt in and decide it’s not for you, you can end your monthly donation at any time through your donor account or by contacting our team. We’ll be sad to see you go but we understand that circumstances change. Your donation will run until you stop it, ask us to stop it, or until your credit card expires.

Can I make a one-time donation?

Yes! Our greatest need right now is financial donations. Whether you give monthly, quarterly, or one time, your gift matters. You can still make a one-time gift and embrace the spirit of giving. 

I’m already a donor, can my annual gift make me a Porch Partner?

Being a Porch Partner is another way for new and current supporters to engage. At this time, our Porch Partner program is exclusive to those who have automated donations set-up. However, you can choose to automate a donation biweekly, quarterly, or even annually. Most of our Porch Partners choose to give monthly. As an annual supporter without an automated donation, you’ll still receive all the fantastic donor updates that our Porch Partners get. You don’t need to change how you give, we’re simply letting you know another option exists. If you want to become a Porch Partner at the Sweet Tea level ($10) and make an additional annual gift as you are able, we welcome that. 

What are the Porch Partner giving levels?

These levels are designed to meet each person where they are. Believe it or not, these levels were made based on our most popular current monthly donation amounts. Although here as a reference, you can choose to give any amount you’d like above $10.

  • Your $10 monthly donation makes you a Sweet Tea Porch Partner. 
  • Your $25 monthly donation makes you a Rocking Chair Porch Partner. 
  • Your $50 monthly donation makes you a Porch Swing Partner. 
  • Your $100 monthly donation makes you a Wraparound Porch Partner. 

Thank you to our Porch Partner community. Become a Porch Partner today.