Meet Ms. B: My Corner of the World

Joyful, humble, and devout are a few words that describe homeowner Mrs. B. Shaped by her family’s faith, Mrs. B has sacrificed time and money and even opened her home so that the people close to her are taken care of. She dearly loves the holidays and lives with her husband, Mr. J, a veteran. They’ve been married for 41 years. Her favorite thing about Mr. J? How family-oriented he is.

Mrs. B has lived in her current home since 2004 but her family has owned it since 1963. She has a fond memory of moving into that house as a kid, on an open wagon with her father, older sister, and 4-month old baby brother. Full of joy and kindness, one couldn’t tell just by talking to her that she’s been through plenty of hardship. Mrs. B’s philosophy for making it through is to “Trust God with your whole heart. He will bring you through.”

Mrs. B now spends time with her husband, her dogs, and makes it to church three times a week. On top of that, she loves to have family come in and out of her home. But over time, hosting became difficult in her 57-year-old home. Her roof was leaking and the back porch was falling apart. Her family home needed critical repairs.

After hearing from a neighbor who received repairs from Rebuild Upstate, Mrs. B reached out. Rebuild Upstate connected Mrs. B with a contractor to do some much-needed work on her home. Team members from MP Services fixed up her roof (which had 30-year-old shingles), as well as the rotted back porch, the back-porch roof, and even the chimney. 

“I think they’re awesome people, to be willing to help someone. That’s what loving your neighbor is all about, that’s what Jesus said to do.” Mrs. B was pleased with the work that had been done to her home and couldn’t say enough how much she appreciated the work that Rebuild Upstate did. She was impressed with just how friendly and polite the workers were, even commenting on the way they enjoyed the hard work. 

Mrs. B shared her thoughts on what home means to her. “As long as you’re comfortable, home is what you make of it. Home is where life starts, begins, its where it ends- it’s where you live your life. What else could home be? It’s my little corner of the world.”

The Rebuild Upstate team is happy to know that critical repairs make her little corner of the world more livable and enjoyable. Now, Mrs. B wants to live long enough to see her grandchildren happy and married and to see them enjoy the good times with their spouses and children.

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