Board Spotlight: Megan Finnern

Board Spotlight: Megan Finnern, Board Vice Chair//Finnern Consulting, LLC

You may not know Megan personally (or maybe you do!) but you surely know about the great work she has done in the Greenville community.

In addition to being the current Chair of Fall for Greenville, an alumna of Leadership GVL Class 44, a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, and a youth soccer coach, Megan volunteers as Vice Chair on our board of directors. When she’s not busy using her efforts to make the Upstate a more livable place for all, you can find her hiking, camping, or at the lake with her family. 

We’re grateful for Megan’s volunteerism. 

How did you hear about Rebuild Upstate?

I am not entirely sure if I heard about Rebuild Upstate from Chris or Lynn Skidmore. I believe I was first invited to an advisory council meeting to see if I’d be interested in assisting with marketing needs. Link to Advisory Council Info Here

What made you decide to get more involved with Rebuild Upstate?

Earlier in my career, I volunteered as the financial lead for a non-profit in the Detroit Area called Christmas in Action. The mission was very similar – helping elderly, low-income individuals stay in their homes by doing improvements or renovations. I’ve always believed in helping others and I loved the mission of Rebuild Upstate and how they helped elders and families in our community. 

What is your goal as a board member?

I would love to see the organization continue to grow and be able to serve more people in Greenville, Pickens, Anderson and Oconee counties. There is such a great need and each year our waiting list just gets bigger. Affordable housing is such an important and critical issue — especially in Greenville – and the work that we do can have a tremendous impact not only on the individuals we serve, but also their local communities, and the greater community at large. 

What difference have you seen Rebuild Upstate make in the lives of others?

I’ve had the opportunity to work on multiple projects with Rebuild Upstate. I don’t have a specific story, but there is something special that happens at the end of our workdays. We leave knowing that we’ve done something to help our neighbors. So whether or not we were able to connect with the individuals we are serving, we know that we’ve made a lasting impact in their lives. When we replace windows, we help our clients financially so that they can use the much-needed savings on other needs. When we install a ramp, we are helping people age in place and stay in their homes, oftentimes restoring independence, allowing them to come and go from their home freely, without assistance. When we replace a kitchen floor or install grab bars, we are providing an added sense of safety and restoring security. No matter what the specific job, or the individual impact, these seemingly small things meet an immediate need of each client so they are able to move forward, shifting focus from the things that were broken (things we’ve “rebuilt”) to other more important parts and areas of their lives.

What is it like being on a Rebuild Upstate build day?

Build days are wonderful opportunities to use the able bodies that God has given us to serve others. I love how team leaders share a bit about the mission of Rebuild and answer questions about why we do what we do. Then, of course, it’s always fun to figure out who on your team is going to do what job. I tend to always end up using the saw ☺ It’s also neat to see how people pitch in and help, even if it’s uncomfortable because they’ve never used a certain tool or done a certain task before. 

I’ve been fortunate to work with team leaders who are organized and who are able to pivot quickly when the unexpected arises. You can feel God there with you helping these neighbors – walking with you as you talk with them, learn bits and pieces of their stories, and thank them for welcoming you into their homes. It’s a terrific opportunity to get to know your fellow teammates and to build relationships – which are always stronger after a build day!

Tell us a little about you. 

We moved to the Greenville area 10 years ago. My husband, Mike, and I are both originally from the North/Midwest. We moved her a few years after we were married and built both our personal and professional lives here. Mike is the VP of Customer Success and Program Management at Proterra and I run an independent Marketing and Brand Consulting company: Finnern Consulting, LLC. Mike and I have two girls, both born in S.C., Eileen (9) and Della (6), who are both very spirited and curious. Our family loves camping and hiking together and going on different adventures whenever possible – whether it be in the mountains, at the lake, or in our backyard. We attend Trinity Lutheran Church in downtown Greenville where I am involved with the music ministry and help with Vacation Bible School during the summer. 

What other community organizations or initiatives are you involved in?


  • Chair, Fall for Greenville Board of Directors
  • Leadership Greenville Alumni Action Committee leading the charge on the newly launched LG Alumni Newsletter
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, member + involved with music ministry, volunteer every year for VBS, part of a “moms with young children” group
  • Coaching soccer for Della (6-7 year old girls) at the YMCA this spring and this coming fall
  • Assistant Room-Parent for Della’s Kindergarten Class


  • Leadership Greenville Class 44
  • Pulse Young Professionals: Chair, VC and Marketing Committee Chair
  • Rotaract (Rotary Young Professionals)
  • Meals on Wheels, Delivery Volunteer
  • Red Cross of Upstate Board Member & Lead Social Media volunteer for State of SC

What else do you want the Rebuild Upstate extended family to know about you?

I think that’s everything!