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Meet The Wichmanns

Soulmates, how the Wichmann’s describe their 48-year marriage. Since the beginning, travel and serving others have been steadfast components in The Wichmann’s lives. Following Mr. Wichmann’s service in the U.S. Army, The Wichmann’s joined the Peace Corps and spent two years in Chad (the poorest country in the world at the time). The Wichmann’s mantra of living on “spiritual currency”, has facilitated the ability to travel without a great deal of money. “We’ve learned to be happy anywhere we are.” The two vagabonds have had numerous adventures, traveled to 5 continents, and are both fluent in French. 

After settling down in Greenville in 2000, the Wichmann’s continue to serve the community. At the time interviewed, The Wichmanns were social workers serving as house parents at Pendleton Place (a group home for teenage girls). 

Due to the lack of a safe entrance into the home, Mrs. Wichmann’s mobility was significantly hindered. With the installment of a ramp, Mrs. Wichmann says, “It has provided freedom and a passport to a full life.” Now, The Wichmanns are able to easily attend dominos and enjoy lunch at the Senior Action, and also they are able to entertain friends. The Wichmann’s said, “The repair has been life-changing in regards to our quality-of-life.” and are so grateful for the repairs completed by the Furman volunteers.

Looking forward, The Wichmann’s are focused on spending time together reviewing memories and enjoying retirement. They are most looking forward to family Christmas and their White Elephant Exchange tradition.

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