Lowe’s and ReFrame make family home modifications possible

Living next door to family isn’t for everyone. For homeowners Ray and Faye, it’s everything. Ray grew up on the family land his dad bought in 1962. He describes his family as simple mountain people and has vivid memories of their time together. The rest of the clan lived near his parents’ home, which was the gathering place for New Year’s celebrations (hog jaw, greens, and black-eyed peas on the menu) and Fourth of July, with lemonade and pound cake. Off the front porch, you can see the spot on the sidewalk where Ray and his brother signed their names in wet cement. Ray was adamant this spot be preserved when volunteers made repairs. 

As newlyweds, Ray and Faye lived near the family home. They moved in when the upkeep was too much for his aging parents. They’ve been there ever since. As Ray and Faye now age, the 1940s-era home isn’t meeting their needs. Most recently, Ray has been carrying Faye down the front steps because she cannot navigate them safely on her own.

Rebuild Upstate made accessibility repairs to Ray and Faye’s family home.  Volunteers from Easley Presbyterian Church’s youth group served the family during their summer week of local service. Teenagers and adults learned to use power tools, cut wood, and put together a ramp to make Ray and Faye’s home safer for their use. This project was made possible by Lowe’s and ReFrame. 

Mr. Ray shared, “Before [the ramp was built] I just about had to tote her to the car. After her heart attack she couldn’t get down the steps. Now she just uses her walker and rolls down! They done a good job. They had the drills and were just a-gettin’ it. I sure do appreciate it.” 

Ray and Faye are looking forward to additional repairs made to their home. They’ll receive a walk-in-shower to make their bathroom more accessible. The current tub (which Ray describes as ancient) poses a slip and fall risk. One day, they’ll pass the home to their own children who will be able to age in place safely because of the modifications made to the home. After all, it’s all about family.

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