It’s not what was done for me, but for others

It’s a pleasure to hear an accomplished musician play, and if you’re fortunate, Devin Douglas may perform a song or two when you visit. Douglas is an accomplished organist with a career working for many Atlanta-based sports teams. 13 years ago, Douglas left Atlanta to settle in Greenville.

Douglas didn’t know he needed a new roof until his in-home care team members mentioned it to him. The roof was leaking in multiple places. He could not afford to have the roof repaired financially. However, he couldn’t afford to remain living in the current conditions without risk to his health. At age 74, Douglas has started to experience heart failure and can’t maintain the home like he used to.

Rebuild Upstate repaired his roof at no cost. Volunteers worked to repair the rotting soffit around the exterior. Now, Douglas can continue to live with peace of mind he will be safe in his home. He said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what they’ve done.”

Douglas doesn’t hesitate to show his love and appreciation for others. One of his favorite things about Rebuild Upstate wasn’t what was done for him, but what has been done for hundreds of others. He expresses sincere gratitude to those involved in the repair, “not only for me but for others.”

You can support home repairs for homeowners like Mr. Douglas by volunteering or donating.