Home Repairs for Christmas: Meet Ms. Nancy

Home Repairs for Christmas: Meet Ms. Nancy

As a single parent of three children (all with the same birthday), Mrs. Nancy was constantly on the hunt for affordable housing. As a young mother, she was forced to relocate her family every two years in order to keep living costs low. Mrs. Nancy remembers her son saying, “I’ve never been at the same school for two years.” But 30 years ago, the right opportunity came along. Mrs. Nancy purchased her current home for $1 from the Greenville Redevelopment Authority. Becoming a homeowner meant stability for her family, and since then she has put her heart and soul into making a house a home. 

Mrs. Nancy loves people, but more specifically she loves serving people. To Mrs. Nancy, home is a place to love and to be loved. On top of raising her own children, Mrs. Nancy is an avid volunteer in her community and has fostered over 25 children in her home. After meeting her husband, the two have co-pastored a local church for eight years. 

Her safe place became a hazard when a leak from the washer damaged the floor. A lack of a safe entrance into her home caused Mrs. Nancy to worry about falling. With the encouragement of her family, she reached out to Rebuild Upstate. Now following the repairs, Mrs. Nancy says her safety and independence have been restored. She is so thankful to the “completely wonderful” Clear Spring Baptist Church volunteers for donating their time to help her. “I didn’t realize all the nice people there were in the world…. It’s a blessing.” 

With a new floor and a safe entrance, Mrs. Nancy is now able to free her mind of worry and focus on the important things, such as hosting her family during the upcoming holidays. She is most excited to show off her new floors to her three children and seven grandchildren, and to be with her loved ones. Mrs. Nancy, whose fondest memory is the feeling of becoming a homeowner and walking into her home for the first time, now has the power to share that feeling with her own children, grandchildren, and community during the most wonderful time of the year.