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A Group of Construction Professionals Build an Even Stronger Team

Employees from Greenville’s Brasfield & Gorrie spend their workdays managing some of the most complex construction projects in our area. Last month, a team took a break from soaring towers of glass, concrete, and steel to replace windows for a single mother in need. We spoke with Brasfield & Gorrie team member Jessica to hear about their experience with Rebuild Upstate.



“We first heard about Rebuild Upstate when [Assistant Director] Dayle and [Volunteer Coordinator] Sarah presented at Opportunity Greenville. It was a natural fit,” says Jessica.

The Brasfield & Gorrie team brought a host of tools and skills with them on their project. Because of their extensive experience, the windows were finished in record time, leaving the team time to work on additional needs.

“Our team enjoys finding ways to use the time and talents God has given us to serve others, so we showed up ready to work,” Jessica notes. “In addition to replacing all of the windows, we were able to take down a dead tree and clean the property—all in the same day.”

The Brasfield & Gorrie team was energized by the opportunity to work together in close quarters.

“The knowledgeable members of the team guided those of us with less direct building experience. Teamwork is a value of ours, but it took on a whole new meaning outside of the office. It was energizing to see us come together and collaborate with each other and with Rebuild Upstate.”

In addition to bringing the team of employees closer together, Jessica feels that they left the project with a closer connection to the community members being served.

“The homeowner and her ten-month-old daughter were present during the project. Her father, who works in construction, also traveled down from North Carolina to participate with us.”

After the experience, he reached out to Rebuild Upstate and asked to be a volunteer on other projects. The positive, team-building experience had a ripple effect— one of the primary reasons Rebuild Upstate chooses volunteers for our projects.

“Greenville’s beautiful downtown can mask some of the big needs in our area. Until you’re in the house and meet the families and see what they’re living in,” says Jessica, “it can be hard to get outside of your bubble.”

We’re truly grateful to have had the Brasfield & Gorrie team’s time, talents, and tools for a project that has made an enormous impact on a local single mom and homeowner. The Rebuild Upstate team was thrilled to hear our partnership is far from over.

“We’re very excited to continue our relationship with Rebuild Upstate,” says Jessica. “We want to make a tangible difference in our local community, and partnering with Rebuild Upstate allows us to do that with every project. We look forward to many more projects together.”

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