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Sparking Awareness is the First Step in Igniting Action

As an organization that plays a role in affordable housing, we believe part of our responsibility is educating people about the issue. What is affordable housing? Who does it impact? While many of our education efforts are to introduce the issue and get people thinking about it, we want to take it a step further. We want to help reframe the way people think about affordable housing.

The term “affordable housing” carries a mistakenly infamous connotation. People have skewed understandings of what affordable housing actually is and especially how we must go about solving the problem. Together, we can change that.

Start Here

If you want to get involved with the affordable housing cause but aren’t sure where to start, learning more is a fantastic first step.


Attend an Event

Rebuild Upstate hosts several events each year to raise awareness about affordable housing and home preservation in our community.

Request a Speaker

Rebuild Upstate’s Leadership and/or Community Engagement Teams are available for speaking opportunities and presentations.

  • We typically prepare a 45-minute presentation with time for questions that covers our view on affordable housing locally, why home repair is the solution we offer, a homeowner video testimonial, our impact, and how your team can be part of the solution.
  • We regularly speak to corporate, faith-based, and civic groups. There is no required group size in order to request a speaker – we will speak to small or large groups.
  • There is no cost to request a speaker, but honorariums are appreciated and gladly accepted.
  • If you’d like, our engagement team can meet with you to learn more about your opportunity and how we can tailor our presentation to your needs.

Our presentations do require a screen and projector. We prefer to book speaking engagements 4+ weeks in advance.

Contact us to discuss a speaking opportunity.

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