Board Member Q&A with Rob Schmidt

Meet Rob Schmidt!

Rob's professional photoRob joins our 2023 board class as a first-term board member. His leadership and experience is an asset to our board of directors.

Rob first connected with us through a build day with his company, NAI Earle Furman, where he is a Director & Shareholder. Thankfully for us, he stayed connected and shared time, talents, and quickly became an advocate for our program. Welcome to the board, Rob. We can’t wait to see what you help us accomplish.

Q&A with Rob Schmidt, New Board Member


How did you hear about Rebuild Upstate?

I was introduced to Rebuild Upstate by my company, NAI Earle Furman, through a company volunteer day that was coordinated by Kay and Jonathan Hill.  It was a great way to get involved and give back to our great community.  My first experience made it easy to volunteer again when a good friend asked me to join the Screwdriver Squad, a great group of individual volunteers from around the Upstate.  Since then, I have coordinated another volunteer team of friends and family and have seen the impact it has on both the homeowners and the volunteers. 

What made you decide to get more involved with Rebuild Upstate?

I believe one of the most stressful things in life is living in a home that is in need of significant repairs which causes financial concerns, safety hazards, and lack of basic comfortability.  RU does a phenomenal job of helping homeowners reduce or remove this stress point so they can have a better quality of life.  I also love that RU gives everyone the opportunity to connect with our community through volunteer work, even if they aren’t in the position to give financially. 

What is your goal as a board member?

My goal as a board member is to help grow the organization through funding, finding the right corporate partners, and help to improve the volunteer experience so that we can serve more of the community.  

What difference have you seen Rebuild Upstate make in the lives of others?

There is a couple that lived just a few houses down from me and the wife was the crossing guard for the local elementary school.  Everyday on my way to work I would drive past her and she would give me the biggest smile and wave.  She did this to every car that passed through her intersection with the same enthusiasm, day in and day out, rain or shine, hot or cold without missing a single car.  She has one of the biggest hearts of anyone in our community and in all my conversations with her, she never let on that she and her husband had a leaky roof and other issues caused by water intrusion.  I found out later that Rebuild was able to replace the damaged roof and make repairs, which was a miracle for these homeowners.  To give back to someone who gives so much to our community every day (and the joy she provided me personally) makes me so proud to be a part of this great organization.

What is it like being on a Rebuild Upstate build day?

Being on a Rebuild Upstate build day is a rewarding and fulfilling experience shared with friends and family. We typically work together in teams to complete home repair and modification projects, such as installing wheelchair ramps, making homes more energy efficient, and fixing structural issues. The work can be physically demanding, but it is also a great opportunity to be hands-on and immediately see the positive impact one is making to help homeowners improve their living conditions. Build days are organized with different volunteer skillsets working on different projects around the home and a site manager overseeing the work. It is a great opportunity to learn new skills, give back to the community, meet new people and bond with friends and family.

Tell us a little about you. 

I am recently married to Shelby Dodson who is a phenomenal individual, wife, and also a RU volunteer.  When not at work or volunteering for RU, I enjoy all that Downtown Greenville has to offer, exploring the surrounding areas on my mountain bike, heading to Central America to surf, and spending time with our great friends and family.  

What other community organizations or initiatives are you involved in?

I give all my time to RU 🙂  


Thank you for your volunteerism, Rob! Let’s get to work.