Rebuild Upstate Announces $30,000 Matching Gift Campaign

Rebuild Upstate Announces $30,000 Matching Gift Campaign

With support from its board of directors, Rebuild Upstate announces a $30,000 matching gift opportunity. The team is launching a campaign to fulfill the match and invites community support to reach their goal.

Whether it’s an accessibility ramp, replaced rotten flooring, or a walk-in shower, Rebuild Upstate’s home repairs and modifications are often long-awaited, answered prayers for low-income and older adult homeowners. 

The organization has already completed 344 projects at 89 homes this year. Donations are directly tied to core program elements such as purchasing materials, stocking tool trailers, and managing hundreds of repair projects. As the organization prepares for a new fiscal year on September 1, the donations will help leadership make programmatic and organizational plans for the next year.

“One of the best feelings is telling someone who desperately needs home repairs that our tool trailer is headed their way,” said Rose Davis, Community Engagement Director. “You can sense their anticipation. Soon, they will feel safe at home again. Soon, they will have peace of mind. As we near the end of our fiscal year, we are proud of the number of families for whom we have improved the quality of life; however, we know we have our work cut out for us next year to continue meeting the growing needs of our community.”

Donations can be made at https://RebuildUpstate.Org/GiveNow/. The campaign will be open until the match is fulfilled.

Prayers for the hundreds of homeowners awaiting assistance are welcome. The organization is committed to answering their prayers to remain safe in the homes they love so dearly. 


About Rebuild Upstate:

Rebuild Upstate is a nonprofit organization serving the Upstate of South Carolina. The nonprofit strengthens the communities by providing volunteers and materials to create a safe, healthy, sustainable home environment for disabled, low-income and elderly homeowners. The organization exclusively focuses on repairs and improving existing homes. The nonprofit is also the reigning Chamber Max Heller award recipient. Learn more at