Mrs. B – “I can finally rest.”

Mrs. B

“Be yourself, and make people happy.” This is the mantra Mrs. B lives by. 

If you are in need of a good laugh and excellent company, stop by Mrs. B’s house.

Ms. B is a sister, a mother, a grandmother, and great grandmother. She loves getting to know others and making people smile.

The oldest of five siblings, Mrs. B has lived in her home for her entire life. After inheriting her childhood home from her parents, Mrs. B’s health prevented her from providing the necessary repairs. Due to the lack of insulation in her home and outdated window units, Mrs. B was unable to afford her excessive utility bills. Mrs. B sought bill-pay assistance from SHARE. She often had to sleep in her living room next to the only wall heater to stay warm. She knew something needed to be done. Mrs. B kept looking for resources until she found Rebuild Upstate.

Almost a year after completing the application, repairs finally started on her home. Mrs. B now has insulated windows, central HVAC, new floors, a new porch, and new siding. At one time, Mrs. B had a $700 electricity bill. After the repairs, Mrs. B’s utility bill went from $700 to $96.

Thanks to the devoted volunteers from Redeemer PC, St. Paul Anglican Church, The Kulick family, Kylie Felker and Friends, and HomeWorks of America, Ms. B gained relationships in addition to repairs.

Repairs do more than create a safe environment. They give peace of mind. By installing a walk-in shower and grab bars, Mrs. B no longer has to worry about falling in her shower. The hand-rails installed on Mrs. B’s front porch give her freedom and she is now able to enjoy relaxing on her porch, her favorite place. With less risk of falling or health issues due to her home, Ms. B has less risk of having to pay for an ER visit due to injury in her home. Mrs. B says, “A weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can finally rest knowing everything is taken care of.”

Mrs. B is not only grateful to the volunteers for the repairs, but also for their company. Mrs. B said it meant so much to her that the volunteers took the time to get to know her. There is no doubt that repairs or the volunteers made a life-long impact on Mrs. B. 

What is the one thing Ms. B is looking forward to above all else?

Hosting her family for holiday gatherings and spending more afternoons people watching in on her porch – something she hasn’t been able to do in a long time.


To change a life like Mrs. B’s, get information on donating or volunteering here.