Community Over Isolation – Meet Ms. K

“I had no idea there were people out there still coming together as a genuine group of people that cared.” 

It took bravery for Ms. K, who has always been independent, to ask for help. This Steel Magnolia is 89-years-old. She is well-traveled, well-read, and talks about her adventures with a breezy youthfulness. 

Ms. K enjoys the comfort of countless family mementos inside her home of fifty years. But leaving her home? Not so safe. Ms. K’s house was deteriorating around her. Her fixed income wouldn’t cover the cost of the repairs needed. 

Ms. K reached out for information on how to make these repairs possible. She sparked a community effort to ensure she can age in place. Team members from Senior Action, Rebuild Upstate, and Christ Church Episcopal worked together leading up to an epic build day Ms. K will never forget. 

In the course of a day, Ms. K’s unsafe porch was restored and stabilizing handrails were installed. The materials and labor, free of charge to the homeowner, returned her home to a safe level. 

But this was no ordinary build day. 

Dozens of church members from Christ Church Episcopal (laypeople and clergy, young and old, individuals and families) were motivated by a special calling. Christ Church Episcopal celebrated the kickoff of the 20for20 initiative, which challenges all church members to volunteer 20 hours of their time in honor of Christ Church Episcopal’s 200year presence in the Greenville community. 

Ms. K was overwhelmed and moved to tears by the presence of so many enthusiastic helpers. 

“Everything they did was considerate of my age and ability to stay in my home. They did a wonderful job. But what stood out the most for me [was] there were still people in this world that help other people take care of things they couldn’t take of for themselves.”

Ms. K enjoys looking at the pansies potted on her porch, pansies bought and planted by the volunteers from Christ Church Episcopal. This gesture deeply touched the sentimental, southern homeowner.

Christ Church Episcopal volunteers did much more than restore safety to Ms. K. They restored a sense of community. 

Ms. K felt isolated because of her age, and she now has an enduring memory to carry her through darker times. She feels as though God showed her a part of her faith that she didn’t know existed. It is ok (even wonderful) to receive a blessing like this from others. 

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