2023 Volunteers Contributed a Record-Breaking $600,000 in Resources

2023 Volunteers Contributed a Record-Breaking $600,000 in Resources

Indirect support, such as volunteer time, combined with direct donations and reimbursement grants, totaled more than $600,000 – a historic high in our 17-year history. The commitment from volunteers and volunteering organizations comes at a time when nationwide giving is on a decline, making their impact all the more valuable. Upstate volunteers display a steadfast dedication to their neighbors through support of our home repair program.

$422,671 in Donated Volunteer Time

In 2023, 1,321 volunteers spent 13,292 hours on the build site. or through other services, equating to $422,671 in donated time to our organization. 

$82,416 in Reimbursements from the Retired Senior Volunteer Program

Site Leader Ruben teaches young adults about repairs.

Each RSVP volunteer can raise up to $1,000 for Rebuild Upstate – just by showing up. In 2023, RSVP volunteers did just that. More than 80 RSVP volunteers earned Rebuild Upstate $82,416.31 in grant reimbursement funds. RSVP volunteers are 55 or older and volunteer in Anderson County.

$100,000 in Nuts & Bolts Donations

2023 marked our most successful year for Nuts & Bolts Builds. Nuts & Bolts Builds are those where volunteer teams provide volunteer time and funding towards the repair project. In total, groups from businesses, churches, and friend groups raised more than $100,000 in direct donations to pay for repair materials. Nuts & Bolts donations ranged from a few hundred dollars to full home sponsorships. Every dollar makes a difference for an Upstate neighbor.

$600,000+ Leveraged

When we add up the sponsored build day funds + the value of volunteer time + our reimbursement from the RSVP program in 2023, we see that volunteer time donated to our organization is valued at more than $600,000.

“Volunteers add major value to the work that we do,” said Jake Beaty, CEO of Rebuild Upstate. “When you’re on a build day, it’s a joyful experience for the homeowner, and volunteers make that possible. Organizations and individuals who contributed direct donations go the extra mile, and our program is better for it. We look forward to celebrating volunteers at the Because of You BBQ in April.”

Join us on Thursday, April 25th, at the Because of You BBQ, where we celebrate volunteer and supporter impact. The event coincides with National Volunteer Appreciation Week. The family-friendly event is free to attend, thanks to sponsorship from First Palmetto Bank.