ScanSource sponsors two Upstate homes

ScanSource sponsors two Upstate homes

Rebuild Upstate recently received an $8,000 Home Sponsorship from ScanSource to sponsor the repairs of two homes in the Upstate. Rebuild Upstate receives public and private funds to support home repairs across Greenville, Anderson, Pickens, and Oconee counties. Through its work, the organization hopes to raise awareness of the need for more affordable housing in Upstate communities.

During the fall of 2020, ScanSource volunteers worked together to build a brand new ramp for one Upstate homeowner. The homeowner’s previous ramp was 30 years old and showing signs of dangerous disrepair. Now, the new ramp reduces the chance of falling and provides safe access for the elderly homeowner.

“The ScanSource employees who participated in our Rebuild Upstate build day really enjoyed the experience,” says Shelley Windsor, Marketing Campaign Director. “Because of the work needed, our group was split into two teams – morning and afternoon. Our site leader, Graham was very skilled and did a great job explaining what was needed while letting us complete our tasks.”

Windsor continues, “Rebuild Upstate is doing fantastic, much-needed work in the Upstate of South Carolina by improving existing homes in our area, as well as making the most of the resources it has. We were proud to help Rebuild Upstate with this project in Mauldin!”

In 2019, Rebuild Upstate repaired 163 homes that resulted from 478 total home repair projects. This was made possible through community support, especially with the help of 1,218 volunteers. Rebuild Upstate has grown by over 2,000% since 2012 to ensure more homes are safe and healthy for local residents.

Learn more about sponsoring a home here.