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Mr. & Mrs. Huff – A strong floor for an even stronger family.

Of the 18 years worth of memories in their home, Mr. and Mrs. Huff say none compare to raising 4 great-grandchildren in their home. “Granny and grandpa” have led exciting and fulfilling lives. Mr. and Mrs. Huff have just as much excitement to come during the next few months. Mr. Huff will be fitted with his new prosthetic leg. He will also be going through physical therapy so he can grow strong and accommodate his new mobility.

Mr. Huff is no stranger to physical activity. He worked at Michelin for over 20 years and managed a couple of semi-pro baseball teams. Two of his former players were even drafted into the MLB, one with the Boston Red Sox and the other with the New York Mets. With his new prosthetic leg, the independence will be especially satisfying.

Mr. & Mrs. Huff have always had hope for the future, but waiting for their vision to be realized hasn’t always been easy. Before Rebuild Upstate repaired their floor, Mr. and Mrs. Huff were fearful that the floor would not support Mr. Huff’s wheelchair. The flooring repairs completed by Rebuild Upstate volunteers have given Mr. & Mrs. Huff peace of mind about their safety. The volunteers, from Silvercote LLC, repaired the floor in less than a day.

The repair done by Rebuild Upstate volunteers changed their life because the floor was at risk of caving in. Water was leaking out of the hot water heater which caused thier water bill to increase. After the home repairs were completed, Mr. & Mrs. Huff felt safer in their home. Mrs. Huff no longer worries that the floor can’t support the weight of her husband’s wheelchair. Their water bill decreased. Now, they can save or spend those dollars somewhere else.

Mr. and Mrs. Huf would like to tell the Rebuild Upstate volunteers that they appreciate them and that they changed their life. “They’re good people. We needed help, and we couldn’t afford to have anything done. It is a blessing what Rebuild Upstate did for us.” They hope to see the volunteers again soon. If you do stop by, bring your baseball glove, because Mr. Huff plans to meet you at the door, and invite you outside to toss some ball.

To support home repairs for homeowners like Mr. & Mrs. Huff, you can volunteer or donate.


Silvercote volunteers pose with Mr. & Mrs. Huff.


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