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Family, Co-Workers, and Community Come Together

Upon learning both his parents would need a wheelchair ramp, Stuart Scott reached out to Rebuild Upstate with a unique proposal. If Rebuild Upstate could provide the wheelchair ramp plan and a site leader for the day, his family could provide all the materials and volunteers. The project came together beautifully, with overwhelming support from friends, family, and community.

Stuart’s CINTAS coworkers worked alongside the Scott family to provide Mr. and Mrs. Scott with a new wheelchair ramp. In fact, there was such a positive volunteer response, that they enough volunteers to stain Mr. Scott’s work shed in addition to completing a 30ft. wheelchair ramp. Between the home-cooked lunch and the easy going nature of the volunteers, the day truly felt like a backyard gathering. They were just gathering with a greater purpose.

Stuart Scott had previously volunteered with Rebuild Upstate, so he knew that the work his parents needed was perfectly aligned with our mission. To Stuart, the partnership was a no-brainer. The opportunity to come together demonstrates the dedication family, coworkers, and communities have to support each other.

Partnerships like this work well for Rebuild Upstate. Dayle Stewart, Assistant Director of Rebuild Upstate, said: “We are so grateful for employee groups like this who partner with us to complete projects that may not qualify for funding from our traditional grants.”

As of August 2017, there are 960 homeowners on our waiting list. Quite a few of those homeowners don’t meet requirements to receive access to project funding through our current funding sources. However, these homeowners still have a need. Rebuild Upstate will embrace community partnership opportunities to serve these homeowners. When families, communities, churches, and other networks come together like the Scott Family, it creates opportunities to offer repairs to homeowners who may not qualify otherwise – and fill a need for one of your neighbors.

To donate to Rebuild Upstate and help us offer repairs to more homeowners, visit here.


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