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8 Ways to Support Rebuild Upstate During COVID-19

8 Ways to Support Rebuild Upstate During COVID-19

1. Donate Money, Supplies, or Time

With layoffs and uncertainty surrounding our global economy, it’s okay if you don’t feel comfortable making a monetary donation. Just remember, that if you do want to donate, every penny counts. Don’t be afraid to give because you can’t give “enough” to make a difference. Your donation of any size can make a big difference.

If you don’t have the means to give financially, you can donate supplies or give your time.

2. Start a Personal Fundraising Page

Rebuild Upstate believes in building community. Your personal fundraiser can help us serve more homeowners, together.

Once you create your own fundraising page, you turn to your network to collect donations. This is another way to amplify the impact of small donations. If you can only afford to give $5, but you have 10 friends who can also give $5, you can raise $50 for our home repair program. Trust us when we say people want to help right now.

Ready to start your fundraiser? Click here to connect with a member of our fundraising team.

3. Send something from their Amazon Wish List or Update Your Amazon Smile Nonprofit

Doing extra shopping online? When you shop at, you can choose a nonprofit, like Rebuild Upstate, to receive proceeds from each order you make. It’s small, but it adds up. And even better? It costs you nothing extra.

Our Amazon Wish List comes fully stocked with items we’ll need to purchase once we can host volunteers again. Help us get a headstart by sending over an item or two the next time you visit Amazon.

4. Write a review for services on Google or Facebook

Believe it or not, home repair isn’t the only ‘service’ we offer. Your volunteer experience, from project planning to providing your team with a site leader, is a service we take pride in. Leave us a review to encourage others to volunteer with us. When people are able to be out and about again, volunteerism will be a great way to connect people together.

5. Make a Recurring Gift

Times are uncertain. Sustainable giving in the form of a small monthly donation helps nonprofits plan ahead for the future. Your monthly gift of $10, $20, or $25 adds up. This is also a great time to become a monthly donor because you can give smaller, more feasible amounts spread out over the year, rather than giving one lump sum.

6. Follow, Like, and Share Social Media Posts

Many people are trying to work from home, care for children or family members, and maintain some semblance of normalcy. If this is you, spreading awareness is a great way to show support if you don’t make a donation or have a ton of time to dedicate.

Being an advocate for causes you care about will help spread awareness for our home repair program. As a bonus, you are also spreading uplifting news with your friends and family. Seeing dedicated work from nonprofits can make people feel more hopeful, at a time when we can control so little.

7. Advocate

Be sure to speak up and use your voice to advocate for nonprofits. Nonprofits are small businesses, we just see our profits as our impact in the community. Reach out to your legislators to ensure that nonprofits are being included in future stimulus packages. For a nonprofit like Rebuild Upstate, advocating for resources for veterans, seniors, rural homeowners, and more are just as helpful since our programs benefit each of those constituents.

8. Attend a Virtual Event

Attending our upcoming events (either in person or virtually) is a great way to show your support.

Click here to learn more about our upcoming fall events, like the Because of You BBQ or Wake Up with Rebuild. We want to see you there.

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