100th Home Served in 2017

Rebuild Upstate completed its 100th project of the year last month!

The 100th home served in 2017 belongs to a resilient homeowner. After suffering a stroke, she could no longer maintain the home herself. The home needed several repairs starting with her roof which needed to be replaced because of the leaks. Of course, the leaks in the roof caused damage to her kitchen floor and then to her kitchen cabinets.  

Thanks to volunteers from Mission Greenville and the Handyman Club, the home received repairs to the roof, electrical, plumbing, flooring, and handrails! 15 volunteers spent a total of 425 hours ensuring the home was safe and healthy for the homeowner.

Mission Greenville is a student and adult construction ministry partnership between Greenville Baptist Association, churches and local agencies to our volunteer groups.  Mission Greenville is one of several churches who partner with us to complete projects in their communities. The Handyman Club of Rebuild Upstate is a unique group of volunteers. It consists of mostly men who have retired from construction businesses. These volunteers are specialized in a variety of special repair needs, plumbing, heating, electrical, etc. When Rebuild Upstate has a home repair with special needs, the Handyman Club is called in to perform these special repairs.

Another reason to celebrate the 100th home milestone is that it shows the growth of Rebuild Upstate. Completing the 100th home of 2017 is a 20 home increase from this time in 2016.

Rebuild Upstate is so thankful for our donors who have also helped us complete another milestone for Rebuild Upstate and our community. One hundred more families have safe homes now, thanks to your support.

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